Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 26- Self portrait.

The van pulls into the handicap space. 5 doors open and 8 people pour out. The beautiful mother from the driver seat, a young adult woman (designated the "white Chinese girl" by Sean and Lia) from the passenger seat, 5 Chinese kids and an old white haired dad from the rear. We decend on Baskin Robins with enthusiasm. The employees and patrons wonder if this is a daycare outing. But on further examination, it is a family. Mostly unaware of their perplexity. 

Life is good.
It's been over a week since we have been home and I'm still waiting for a meltdown from one of these kids! They smile and laugh all the day long! I am totally smitten by these 2 angels! We are so very blessed! Believe me, I put up with very little but there is never a reason to get angry...yet. They are fitting in very nicely! In fact, tonight I was thinking how they seem to have been part of our crew for a very long time! It's truly a blessing!
 On top of the daily care, the following are keeping us (mostly Doll) busy:

     Family Practice, dermatology, physical therapy, neurology, urology, Shriner's
     Kristin's 3 day pioneer trek, make 2 bonnets, make an apron, make a pioneer skirt,
     Plan a baby shower for friend,  Cole & Emma's baptisms, friend and missionary visits,
     letter to Tim.
     Placement testing, school registration, wheelchair/walker fitting,
     more paperwork (I thought this was over)

You could say life is busy, but we have had so much fun just being together.  The routine is becoming more normal. Sean and Lia sleep well and eat well. They seem happy and tell us they are happy. They often say "I love you" and "you're a good boy/gir"l. I'm amazed each day at how much English they have learned. 

Their siblings have been nothing short of amazing. Kristin translates, pacifies, and mediates. Cole watches as Sean and Lia get special attention sometimes, but understands their special situation and what they have given up more than I could have ever expected an 8 year old to understand. Emma has allowed is to connect with lia & Sean and willingly accepts her attention when it comes. 

Life is good!


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