Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Lia

This is Lia. She is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful smile. She is like a mother to her friends in her orphanage. Her smile is contagious and her stamina is amazing. She can do anything she wants to. She has been in the orphanage for only about a year. She is dearly loved by all who meet her. Nothing can stop her.

We recently received preapproval for her adoption and are working to get our dossier complete. The home study is about half way complete and documents are starting to fly again. We anticipate traveling sometime in the first half of next year.

Some may think that Lia is unadoptable because she is an older child with a major disability. But we have learned that all children have disabilities and that all children bring blessings. It is true that some require different amounts of efforts and different types of effort to address their needs, but it is also true that children like Lia always bring wonderful lessons of overcoming challenges, finding joy in the face of danger and love in the face of adversity. As you go with us through this journey maybe you will understand why these blessings are so important to us.

A visitor came to the orphanage to help arrange for adoptions of some of the children. She met Lia and fell in love with her. When it came time for the visitor to leave, Lia tugged at her shirt and  quietly asked, "Please come back. Don't forget me."

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  1. Lia is beautiful, I can see why you are drawn to her. We cannot wait to meet her in person!