Friday, August 31, 2012

Brother and Sister

Can't believe its been a year but Sean & Lia were able to attend summer camp again this year.  This video came from the director of their camp which run by his family in conjunction with many local and support people.  Sean and Lia already look like brother and sister.

We are on the count down now as our dossier has been in submitted and we are waiting.  December/January (with a little luck.)

While your here.  Check out Brady who also went to camp at a different site (so no video, sorry) but who is just as wonderful as any of these kids.


Monday, August 27, 2012

I Am A Child Of God

Four years ago, she felt no connection to society... no value... no pleasure... no pain... no worth. Four years ago she lay on the floor and screamed... for 30 minutes.  4 years ago, she threw glasses across the marble floor. 4 years ago she could not eat ice cream.

4 years of loving her. 4 years of telling her she is a good girl... every night. 4 years of helping her accept human contact, then a cuddle, then a hug, and then a kiss. 4 years of showing her that we truly do love her for who she is and what she brings to our family... that she is important to us... that we value her thoughts and ideas... that we will be there... no matter what. 4 years of showing her that she is truly a Child of God...

"In all my years of teaching, I have never seen so much improvement in behavior as I have seen in her over the last 2 years." "She has been the star of the class room twice this week. We have had to watch for reasons to let other children be the star."

Emma is a child of God. And so are you.


P.S. And so is Brady.