Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Jinan

We arrived in Jinan yesterday afternoon and had no problem. It is a very simple airport and not too busy in the international side. Our temporary guide, Betty, took us to the QuanChen square just outside the hotel. It was a beautiful place. (when I get the connection I'll post the pictures.)  The province is known for its lotus flowers and it's natural springs. The square had a beautiful watershow over a very large stainless lotus and people crowded around to watch and video it. I'm afraid a lot of people got the back of our heads on their video as we walked around to get a better angle.

It is 4:30 in the morning and we are getting ready to meet our guide to travel to the children's welfare institute. We are slightly anxious but mostly just excited for that fiist glimps and the first embrace. You know I'll post ASAP & we've always had photos!

I really hope we will be able to get a connection so we can share photos later today.

Love you all!

P.s.  I wanted to add that China Eastern was wonderful. I had misread their policy. They only allow 22kg of luggage per person and up to 2 bags. I had thought that each bag could weigh 22 kg. they wanted to charge us $94 to take the 2 wheelchairs. When we explained the situation they allowed us to take them for free!

P.S.S. a money converter app is a must!
The symbol of Jinan
March 2 in front of the Lilly in Jinan
March 2 the Lilly in Jinan

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  1. You guys are so awesome! I am so proud to claim you as part of my family. I am just plain proud of YOU! I can't wait to hear all about your first meeting! Love your guts!