Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13-Accomplishment

Today we had our consulate appointment. As part of te process, the older kids are supposed to sign their name. Lia told the interviewer that she couldn't. The lady thought she was so sweet. Sean told the interviewer he wouldn't. The interviewer said good luck with him! If only she knew how lucky we have been with him.

This afternoon Sean picked up the puzzle app on the iPad and started putting 16 piece puzzles together (with rotation on). He did amazingly well and was so totally thrilled with himself (see images below). He is now doing 25 piece puzzles. He got board after a while and moved over to StarFall.

We started Lia on 4 piece puzzles without rotation. With a little help she was able to do them. The glee on her face when she completed a puzzle almost brought tears to her eyes. She has since moved on to do 16 and 25 piece puzzles.

Each little day leads to new growth. We are mostly packed and ready for our transfer to Hong Kong and then a flight home on Friday.

Excited and ready to be home,


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Make the difference in a way only you can.

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  1. I'm sure you're home by now! I hope that Lia and Sean are adjusting to their new family. You are all blessed, having one another!