Friday, February 22, 2013

What are our plans?

Lets see...  Life has been so very busy getting ready for the trip and all the church activities

We leave on February 28.  Just Doll & I are going.  We just simply couldn't afford to take Ashley and Salem.  So sad about that.  We arrive in Hong Kong on Friday Evening and on Saturday fly to the the province capital.  When we arrive there, we stay the night and on Sunday morning (as early as we can) drive 3 hours down to the orphanage. This will be the first time we have been allowed to visit the orphanage.  We are so excited but anxious about what we will see.  We will spend some time there visiting and taking pictures and videos.  We hope to see some of the children we have been advocating for.  Lia is using a wheelchair but it is the only wheelchair that the orphanage has.  So we are taking 2 wheelchairs with us to leave behind.  We will then pick up Sean and Lia to transport them back to the province capital.  On Monday we finalize the adoption and do the paperwork for their Chinese passports.  Then we wait around for a few days and pick up their passports on Friday March 8 and fly to GuangZhou.  On Saturday, we have medical exams in preparation for US visas.  Then the paper work goes into the US consulate on Tuesday March 12.  We wait until the 14th to pick up the visas and to be sworn in (similar to what is done with immigrants who come into the US.)  Then we take a van to Hong Kong where we will spend the night and then at about noon we fly back to the US on Friday the 15th.   We arrive in San Francisco on the morning of Friday the 15th and go through immigration.  Then we fly back to orange county and life begins again.

Sounds easy but I assure you it will be an emotional roller coaster and we will be ready to be home and start the process of normalizing life.

Unfortunately we will not be able to see Tim in Hong Kong.  Which is fine.  He is doing well and is excited to focus on his mission.  We will get to drive through the town and see the area for just a bit before we get to the airport on the 14th.

Hope you are all doing well,


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  1. I am sooo excited Sean and Lia are FINALLY coming home!! Send them our love, and we love you guys too!