Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Practically Perfect in Every Way.

Emma is practically perfect in every way. She is loving, helpful, happy (sometimes too happy), and busy. Her smile is killer. She loves being outside and playing on the trampoline. She loves long walks to he donut shop. Her favorite movie is a Barbie movie. She loves her school teacher. She takes care of Cole when Cole is upset in Primary class. She loves being held like a baby and whisker rubs. She has the most precious night time prayer. She has a favorite stuffed puppy. She likes salad, pizza and anything chocolate. She doesn't seem to mind all the things grow ups worry about. She is just a beautiful little Girl.

Monday morning Emma had an appointment with her new neurologist. I'd spend space praising Kaiser Permanante (our new HMO) but this post is about Emma.

"Sometimes after failed brain surgery the seizures continue to progress and become more frequent and more severe. Emma could fall into this class." It came out of his mouth so smoothly in the middle of the discussion that I barely recognized the prognostication. But thinking back...

Chronologically she's 7. Developmentally, 3-4. Poor sight in one eye. Nevis on her cheek nose and over her ear. Bone pain. Every symptom on Linear Nevus Sybaceous Syndrome. Classic case.

Classic little girl. Every bit as precious as any child that has ever crossed the threshold into our home. Every bit. In fact practically perfect in every way.

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